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Ready to Reduce Your Overwhelm & Make the Most of This Precious Time with Your Baby?

Feel Grounded, Rested, and Connected to Your Newborn & Yourself

Your intentions were set. Your baby arrived.

The oxytocin was flowing.

Your intentions were set. Your baby arrived. The oxytocin was flowing.

And then... like most new parents, what you had envisioned for this time looked

calmer, clearer, and more relaxed in your mind than it is in real life.

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. This sentiment is so, so common, and there’s really one simple reason why:

Babies are unique… there's a steep learning curve...

and there are almost always five simultaneous things that need to happen at once.

And in order to bring your new parent dreams to life, there’s a bit of choreography needed. It’s not impossible, but it is layered...

and a one-size-fits all plan isn’t going to work.

So what do you Actually need?

You need a personalized, holistic plan and actionable strategies.

Imagine having someone who can help you see how all the pieces work together,

and ensure you have the right information, decision-making support, and rhythms in place to allow more ease!

My name is Joy, and I’m dedicated to helping you make your time with your newborn

as calm as possible.


“We are so thankful for all of the support and coaching Joy provided. Her expertise in lactation, sleep challenges, and infant care made all the difference in the first few weeks with our little one. She is truly the best resource during the first few months with baby.”

Corrie McQueen

First Time Mom

Whether this is your first (or 5th) Baby,
the process I use is the same because, well... it just works.

It's Ebb + Flow Holistic Newborn Coaching,

and it’s my six-week 1:1 coaching program for new parents.

first step:

We connect and assess your family’s needs, goals, and values. We'll map out holistic and evidence-based strategies you can use to cultivate ease, connection with your baby, and increased confidence in parenting.

Second step:

You receive your written plan of actionable steps to focus on. This is your personalized and evolving plan that contains the exact bullet-pointed info and curated resources to support you — no need to read every book in the stack on your nightstand to find the exact information you need.

Third step:

We meet each week to check-in on how you're doing, and fine tune the next steps of your plan. You’ll know exactly where to spend your precious energy and the specific steps that will bring about greater ease, more rest, and increased family wellness.

Fourth Step:

We wrap up our time together with an in-depth reflection session that shows how much progress your family has made, map out the big milestones on the horizon, and make sure you feel clear on how your family’s values and philosophies will inform your future parenting.

I currently offer my holistic newborn coaching with engaged new parents interested in any of the following areas...

Optimizing Family

Sleep Holistically


Infant Feeding & LactatioN

Cues, Soothing

& Babywearing

Infant Development & Activities for Connection

Mental & Emotional Transition to Parenthood

Mindfulness &

Intentional Rhythms

“We were so fortunate to have Joy’s loving support and sage wisdom as we navigated new parenting, especially during the early days with Stella! As a first time mom, without question Joy got me mentally and emotionally prepared to confidently approach everything from nursing and pumping to sleeping (for both baby and parents!).”

The Green Family

First TIme Parents

Enjoy your transition to parenthood

In addition to all that, I also offer these extras to my 1:1 clients:

Parenting Resource Library

When I offer a workshop, course, or create something worth sharing, my one-on-one clients get first dibs, and can go back and watch any of the past offers. You'll get access to the ever-growing Sound Beginnings Parenting Library of on-demand mini courses. (And if the topic you’re interested in isn't in there, chances are pretty high I can find it or create it during your coaching package.)

extra one

extra two

Mindfulness Support

Cultivating small, daily mindfulness practices can lead to increased presence, awareness of our thoughts and feelings, and less reactivity or overwhelm. These are powerful tools in our parenting toolbox. I'll share specific strategies and support you on your personal journey toward greater self-compassion, nervous system regulation, and composure even challenging moments.

Bonus Session!

The newborn period and transition to parenthood is intense, but there are obviously questions and need for support before and after this stage. That's why I've included an extra bonus session that you can use pre-baby to map out your newborn planning, or within six-months after your package to address anything that comes up!

extra Three

Are you the next new family I get to support?

Let’s find out!

Each month I take on just three new clients.

I’d love to learn a bit about your family, and see if I’m the right support for you.

I have a few questions, and then we’ll set up a complimentary virtual Discovery Session,

to make sure I’m answering all your questions.

Submit Your application today!

Joy MacTavish

Owner of Sound Beginnings

About Joy MacTavish:

While attending my first birth at only 13 years old, I never imagined I would build a career educating and guiding over a thousand families during their transition to parenthood.

My work with parents is grounded in 15 years of training and experience. And more credentials than are strictly necessary.

Here are some of them:

  • Owner of Sound Beginnings® and ebb+flow holistic newborn
  • Birth & Postpartum Doula
  • Childbirth & Newborn Educator
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • Certified Babywearing Consultant
  • Certified Holistic Sleep Coach

My mission is to equip families on their journey with the compassionate and evidence-based information and guidance that will lead to deeper connection, optimal child development, and confident parenting that lasts a lifetime.

Want to see some of my happy clients?

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